Recipes from Alfio Longo

Grace Notes NYC – Valentine’s Day at Circo NYC

I was lucky enough to spend an early Valentine’s day at Circo with their executive chef, Alfio Longo. We spent an afternoon in his kitchen preparing some of the dishes from his Valentine’s day pre-fixe menu and made a video for people to recreate the dishes at home. The pre-fixe menu was really delicious and I recommend making reservations now, but if you aren’t in NYC, these dishes are easy to prepare and will definitely wow your Valentine.

Pesto Recipe

Award-Winning Pesto Recipe

There’s a misconception that pesto should have a strong garlic flavor. But, Chef Alfio Longo, executive chef of Circo Restaurant, feels pesto is best with just a light touch of garlic. “In order to appreciate the richness of the Italian extra olive oil, you can’t use too much of any of the ingredients,” Longo said. More »